About Shamini

The books Shamini will always keep:

Morris Gleitzman’s Once

KS Nathan QC – my now departed uncle who was the first Malaysian Queen’s Counsel in the UK and gave me a book on law.

My mother’s copies signed copies of Lord Denning’s memoirs which I treat as my own.

Five books/albums/movies that changed Shamini’s life:

Star Wars – a strong female character

To Kill a Mockingbird –  Atticus Finch is the reason I studied law

Wild Swans – an extraordinary memoir of growing up in China

All those Enid Blyton books as a child that made me feel different and unwelcome in the world of books

Country and Western songs played by my father in the car on long journeys in Malaysia.

Shamini’s favourite poem:

The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock – “I am not Prince Hamlet nor was ever meant to be.”

The saddest line in the English language.

Shamini’s children:

Both of them were forced to be budding footballers because of her own disappointed dreams

Shamini’s dog:

Beastie is the love of Shamini’s life and will soon feature in her own books series!